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A couple of decades ago when a person used to go to market for purchasing a product, he would pick up the item and give it to the counter; the shopkeeper would take a long time to search the price from his price list and this was a time consuming process. In the 21st century the competition in the market, because the similarities in products and one product having more brands, without barcode is very difficult for purchasing and identifies the product, so difficult to identify the price. To make this easy printed barcode paste on product and detect by photo sensor, than printed bill came with discount in a few second, through this technology
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The uses of barcodes in many places it’s especially uses the Universal Product Code, UPC in modern life and the technology is constantly improving. Some modern uses of barcodes are:
• Nowadays the use of the online shopping is more, the goods in the warehouses in a huge quantity and having a UPC barcode on it, its help in track easy for the buyer and seller. This is helpful for buyer cutting down the cost, also beneficiary for the seller to reduce the possibility of human entered data error .A barcode scan is fast and reliable, and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand. Like that this type online center-Amazon, flipkart etc.
• Barcode is to uses by the courier company this can be help full for the track easy for the receiver and the sender. And this service fast work than the postal service.
• Uses of barcodes in a hospital-for finding the medicines identification, identification the patient in hospital, to generate the patient online record and to improve the medical administration
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Barcode system is modernization the defense inventory management, improving inventory accuracy and enhancing visibility. The US defense administration is having their own standards on all suppliers to the us armed forces. The barcode is affix on the packaging of item and that is help to recognize the physical quantity and the find the location of the project through the logistics barcode system. This document helps the technical requirement in the defense inventory. The use of barcode system is also need to improve in the Indian defense logistics sector. This document also helps to guide the defense supplier.
Australia Defense accepts two standards of pallets, the Australian Standard 1165x1165mm and the Military (or Export) Standard pallet of 1100x1100mm. Items delivered to Defense not on either of these sized pallets will be rejected The exception is for oversize single items that are longer or wider than 1165mm. Full details of package markings can be found in DEF(AUST)1000C Part
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