Battle Of Lepanto Research Paper

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The battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League known is as the Battle of Lepanto and it is the most important for the Christian religion. It is of great significance because if the Holy League had not won, the Ottoman Empire would have taken over Europe, and destroyed the Christian religion. The forming of the Holy League was important as well. The new naval technique used by the Christian forces and the first success to push back and erode the Ottoman empire were the key concepts to defeat the Ottomans. The well-known crusades were fought between the end of the eleventh century and the late thirteenth century. These were attempts to try to stop the invasions of the Ottoman Empire, which was mainly composed of Turks and Muslims. The Battle of Lepanto was a naval battle off the coast of Greece. It was not a crusade because it happened in 1571. In this battle there were many…show more content…
To clarify, the crusades were military expeditions to avoid the Ottoman Empire expansion. From the viewpoint of the Christians, the Muslims were enemies of Christ and his church. It was the crusader’s task to defeat and defend against them. Some of the crusades were successful and gained Christian states like Palestine and Syria. The Islamic states were growing rapidly and those gains reversed. By the end of the eleventh century, about 2-3 thirds of the Christian world had been conquered by Muslims. These territories were Anatolia, Egypt, Palestine and Syria. From the earliest caliphs, the Christian world had been the prime target. Before the fall of Constantinople in 1453, theological differences between the Muslims and the Christians had made union impossible. Before the battle, violence was the key to win the battle. If any Jihadist were left, it would only mean more Christians would die in the future. Months before the battle, the Venetian captain Marco Antonio Bragadin, surrendered at Famagusta to an overwhelming Turkish invasion
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