Belle Valley South Narrative

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realized what it actually meant, I erased it in embarrassment and did not fill in that portion of the paper. Anyways, from fifth through eighth grade is when I got more appreciative of nature. Belle Valley South had a courtyard in the middle of the building, and I loved going to it everyday to eat. It was always quiet, serene, and devoid of all the other students whom were terrified of something as simple as bees or ladybugs. I grew a little sad when it got to the colder months and we had to eat inside. That changed when I got to seventh grade. Belle Valley North and South were, to almost nobody’s knowledge, built on top of abandoned mine shafts. Over time, the weight of the schools took their toll, and the ground grew weaker where it stood. North actually had their entire cafeteria fall into the mine shaft, never to be seen again. For the first semester of 7th grade, I had to eat in my classrooms. When it came second semester, an entirely new school was built to join together kindergarten through 8th grade. That school stands today, with a graveyard right next to it. Strange to build a school with the playground having a nice view of a graveyard, but it was considerably better than what South came to be. While Belle Valley South still stands to this day, no one has bought the lot and it has become the home of many rodents and cockroaches. …show more content…

Of course, that was more of a scare tactic to make sure we weren’t bad kids. The exchange from eighth grade to freshman year was actually pretty easy. Most high school teachers are surprisingly nice and lenient when it comes to certain assignments and things, and a lot of them sympathize with your problems. My first problem was trying to find people I could talk to because most of my friends were divided among other classes and I, being the only teenager in the world without a cellphone, was not able

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