Benefits Of Recess

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Most students say that they would be better off without recess and go straight to class after lunch, but this is not true. Even though they say that, they do not really mean it. They would get overwhelmed rapidly with the extra classes. Many schools already started to eliminate recess. That is not good for the students. Not having recess makes kids more stressed and less functional in the classroom. They need a time to release their energy and not in the classroom. Although people think recess is a waste of time, it actually helps students out a lot by giving them physical and mental benefits, and it gives them time to exercise outside of gym class and possibly form bonds with other students. Also students NEED to take a break from school in …show more content…

Some recess practices have demonstrated positive effects for students and teachers. Parents and teacher want more learning, not less, even when students are not in class. Along with recess comes the physical benefits, in China, a large controlled study found that outdoor recess may help prevent or minimize nearsightedness in children. Recess is about what kids can do and not what they can not. But that is the beauty of recess, children can choose what they want to do and they can not do that in gym class. Many studies have found that regular exercise improves mental function and academic performance. Many students will say too, that they feel better after they take a break. Way to often is recess taken away as punishment even though research shows that this practice deprives students of health benefits that is important to their well-being. Many parents and students would agree with this too.

Although recess is a good thing, some teachers do not think the same. They think that recess is a waste of time and that could be used to learn new things. Some also say that recess is a prime distraction, it interrupts the flow of teaching. Additionally there are concerns for safety and the fact that bullying and fights may take place. In the end, recess is a good thing but it can also potentially hurt the students as well.

Recess should be given to students. It is good for the students health. It helps them do better in school and in life. It teaches them how to respect each other and they learn that sometimes it is ok to take a break once in

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