Year-Round Schools Vs. Traditional Schools

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Students that are in school during the summer find it harder to concentrate on the work that they are doing in school because they are waiting to get out of school into the nice weather. Year round schools make it difficult to learn with many breaks that they are given which can affect them negatively in and out of school. Year round schools should give long breaks instead of many little breaks because it is shown that there is no difference in learning between year round schools and traditional schools.
During 2011-2012 about 3,700 schools were all year round schools and these schools didn’t benefit students and teachers in all good ways. In 2007, a study by Ohio State University found that there is no learning differences between a year round school schedule and a traditional school schedule. Multi-track schedules don’t help students either, because of them students miss out on time with friends and divides students in …show more content…

Year round schools don’t help students learn more, they just spread out a long break that some people think will improve students learning. Even though year round schools support continuous learning they make continuous learning harder by adding many breaks in between the school year. Year round schools don’t keep the traditional school day and don’t help students learn more. Students that have school during the summer aren’t being real kids. Summer breaks are full of good memories and should be experienced by all. I know that if I was in school during the summer, I would be distracted and not pay attention. Year round schools aren’t always beneficial to students, teachers, and the school itself. Let 's get rid of year round schools and let students be able to enjoy long summer

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