Breaking Down Language Barriers

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This paper addresses two articles, Evidence-based approaches to breaking down language barriers by Allison Squires and Rapid response teams: What’s the latest? by Shirley A. Jackson. The first article discusses how language creates a barrier between nurses and patients and how to possibly overcome these barriers. Squires talk about how the barriers affect patient care negatively and the consequences of miscommunication such as re-admissions and non-adherence to medication regimen. On the other hand, the latter article discusses about rapid response teams (RRTs) and their roles and well as challenges they have to face while delivering care. It also explores the concept of working collaboratively while providing quick assessment and intervention for a deteriorating patient. In the article, Evidence-based approaches to breaking down language barriers, Squires discusses the importance of equipping healthcare team with appropriate interpretation resources to improve patient care. Since, people migrate to the US from all around the world, this brings in confusion for many, especially the elderly immigrants, when communicating in a healthcare setting. Breaking this barrier is especially important in nursing since nurses are the ones communicating with patients regarding medications, adherence to diet, and even discharge information. Even though it sounds sensible to use family members for interpretation, this practice is not

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