Business Meeting Observation Paper

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We decided to observe an off-site business meeting at the Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble on campus. The business meeting that we observed seemed to be among four individuals discussing better ideas of they will get more students to come to the writing center on campus and actually participate in the activities provided. The meeting was casual since they seemed to all be students. A guy sitting at the end of the table seemed to be the meeting leader. He helped the group members agree on decisions and transition the conversation topics efficiently. Every group member was involved in the discussion. The two females in the group took notes in their notebook, the male group leader took notes on his computer, and the other male took notes on…show more content…
Many people are more stressed and uneasy when meeting at the workplace rather than at a public location that is relaxing and quiet but not too quiet to where it is uncomfortable. The barrier that affected the meeting where that they got distracted a couple times by the TVs in the Starbucks, the other people sitting near them, and the food that they were eating hindered them from talking while chewing. They seemed to stay on track for the most part; however, these factors did affect the discussion at certain times. It is good to introduce conversation topics other than what is on the agenda of the meeting, so the group members are not totally bored; however, they must circle back in an efficient and timely manner. Although the meeting was casual considering they were all students, it helped us come up with ideas to tell our group for our end of the year presentation. The group was very efficient and it helped us come up with ideas on how we can communicate better as a group and how we can make compromises and agree on something so that we can move on to another task. Overall, it made us realize that we need to make sure everyone is happy with our group decisions, while now debating topics that we have trouble agreeing
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