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John Crane Flexibox is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of mechanical seals and power transmission technology for rotating equipment. The parent company of Flexibox has recently been taken over by TI Group Plc. The objective behind this acquisition is to make the organisation best in their chosen market in terms of reputation, quality and market share. This acquisition led the John Crane division to go through many changes, especially on the staff of the company. Christine Williamson the HR manager, who also holds the position on board of directors, is struggling to improvise and enhance the role of HR from simple personnel management to HR strategic management in the new setup.
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The organisational structure of John Crane is traditional and the job activities are defined in traditional departmental roles. The company has its worldwide local network of local service operations to assist in stock management, reconditioning and commissioning.
John Crane and Flexibox possess its own elected staff committee and therefore, involvement in trade union activity is low. The staff committee of the company is responsible for all communication over performance, consultation plans over key HR issues and corporate plans. For strengthen communication, attempts have been made in the past in the past with staff through line manager led briefing. Hoverer, due to the lack of interest of the middle managers and their unwillingness, the system was not implemented properly, thus resulted in ineffectiveness in overall operations. However, considering the current situation of the company system of line manager led employee team briefing can cater many benefits to the company, therefore Christine Williamson should make efforts in order to implement the system and should educate the middle managers of its benefits in order to reduce resistance, HR is facing in implementing the system of line manager led employee team …show more content…

It allows the managers to ask the question directly regarding their team and collect feedback. Team briefing is an efficient strategy to facilitate and enhance upward communication, downward and sideways communication throughout the organisation. Although this process is demanding and requires managers to participate effectively and manage time to bring their team together and discuss and deliver the information that is necessary for their

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