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Introduction About al-Rostamani Group Al-Rostamani group was founded in 1957 in Dubai by Mr. Abdullah Hassan Al Rostamani. The organization has its base throughout the globe and is also considered as one of the biggest conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, it is one of the oldest established company in the UAE. The basic core value of the group are as follows. • Care: The company has shown a lot of dedication towards the company and its employees. It has been very well recognizing the employees and their support, efforts to build the lasting image of the company and value their efforts with care for its entire staff. Moreover, the company has been undertaking a lot of CSR activities in order to flourish its society. • Commitment:…show more content…
KAR group looks after the entire logistics services including the supply chain management including the inbound as well as the outbound logistics of the company. KAR group is an ISO-9001:2008 certified firm (KAR Frieght and Forwarding, 2015) . The freight related services for the firm as well as the transportation services of the Al-Rostamani group are been looked by the KAR group. Central trading Company one of the highly recognized company for its electronic goods and services. The firm is engaged in providing types, batteries, water coolers, paints, tapes and many other electric and electronic goods and services to the Al Rostamani group. Supply chain management process in a very huge part of the operations department of the Business Organization. This includes manufacturing, process, Work-in-progress, inventory, raw-material purchasing and storage, purchasing, transportation, freight as well as other operational costs. The entire process of the supply chain plays an important role in the overall success of the firm. This is because, if any of the process slows down the entire cycle of operational process, supply chain management gets disturbed resulting in slow and low production and ultimately reduction in…show more content…
Conglomerate companies like Al-Rostamani group has to be very specific in maintenance of quality throughout its work process which includes quality management in input, process and output of the company. This is because, a smallest compromise in the quality can cost the company millions. The organization has been involved in following various quality standards as follows • Quality Standards and certification- One of the quality management tool The company is ISO certified company. Thus, the company has to strictly adhere to the ISO certification laid down by the certifying authority. The company has been involved in competitive contracting activities by maintaining its quality standards. • Total Quality Management The company is involved in undertake all its activities under the quality process of TQM. All the business sectors of the company whether it is automobile, retail, interiors, lifestyle, logistics, constructions, promotion or any other business activity, the company has inculcated the Total Quality management process throughout its organization. However, TQM is a part of organization culture of the Al-Rostamani Group (Garvin, 1988). TQM, emphasis on team work as well as continuous improvement aspect in the organization. Moreover, in few sectors of the group, TQM has been newly introduced due to growing demand of the quality

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