Casela Business Strategy

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Business Consultancy Proposal

From an adventure park to a resort:
How to sell Casela World of Adventures as a resort and adapting the right communication strategy

Submitted by Laura Lindsey Pokun
Leeds Beckett University

Executive Summary 4
1.0 Introduction 5
2.0 Project aims and objectives 6
2.1 Consultancy request 6
2.2 Research aim 6
2.3 Research objectives 6
3.0 Methodology 7
4.0 Research Planning 7
5.0 References 7

Executive Summary

Casela World of Adventures (CWOA) have requested the consultancy services of LP Consulting Services Ltd (LPCSL), with the purpose of designing a new communication strategy for CWOA which is originally an adventure park and is now going to be a park & a resort. The aim
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The next project is to change Adventure Park to a resort. Where else, a client can swim with the dolphins in the morning, have a breakfast with the rhinos or giraffe, and do a camel safari and walk with the lions in the afternoon? Casela is aiming at making the guest stay overnight to partake in other unique and memorable activities that Casela can offer. This project will be over 3 years and will go through different stages and at each stage there will be a unique product life cycle.

In order to meet the project aim, LPCSL will go through the organisation culture, core values, vision and mission and readapt same to the new project. LPCSL will have to propose a new identity through a logo, advice on an awareness campaign, an advertising campaign, change or modify the actual website; organise national and international press conference and design message as regards to the different target
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The consultant from LPCSL have ensures that the selected data collection methods are in connection with the chosen research designs of the project. Primary and secondary data collection will be used for this study and hopefully this would enable LPCSL to recommend CWOA on its marketing communication strategy.

3.3.1 Secondary data

LPCSL will explore the literature developed by previous researchers to gather secondary data as it is the most effective way of doing so and thus enabling the researcher to improve her knowledge and understanding of the main interest topic.

LPCSL will go through external sources, collecting information outside the organisation. The consultant will examine and evaluate the following theoretical literature written by:

• Michael E. Porter
• Philip Kotler
• Christine Daymon
• Immy Holloway

LPCSL has conducted research on topics relevant to the project such as: brand positioning, organisational culture, shift of mission and vision, redesigning core values, competitive advantage, and marketing communication models. The following models will be
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