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How to Survive on Mars with Ease

Cast Away is a film that teaches us to survive on an island. The film describes the steps that can be done if we terdampat on an island alone.

And that 's what I always catch when watching the movie, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

All about survival.

What happened in Cast Away yagn can certainly happen to anyone.

But what if no longer survive on an island. But deep in the outcome there. Precisely, on Mars.

I find it difficult to imagine.

It 's just that this is a movie. Everything can happen. Similarly, Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon). He follows the adventures of Ares III together with his Kawana on Mars. Sadly, a storm makes Mark Watney apart with his friends who decided to leave Mars with immediately.

Crew in Ares III is not just any left Mark Watney. Swept away by sandstorms on Mars and satellites hit debris (probably) make all think that Mark can not be helped anymore.

But the good fortune befell Mark only scratched. He was unconscious when he was alone on Mars and was only accompanied by a headquarters founded by him and his friends Ares III.

Alone on a planet far from Earth makes him have to think of a way to survive and continue to provide communications to the team on earth (mainly NASA).

I imagine as Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks in Cast Away) is not necessarily me get through the day with ease alone on an island. This is Mars, maybe I was desperate and surrender to God.

In contrast to the belief Mark

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