Catheter Associated Uti Prevention Essay

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Policy and Procedure
CAUTI Prevention

Policy Name: Catheter Associated UTI Prevention

Purpose: To identify causes and take measures for the prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) in the healthcare setting

Population: Healthcare members and patients who are caring for a urinary catheter either at home or in the hospital setting

Introduction: The mission of this policy is to inform healthcare workers of the proper procedures to follow in regards to the prevention of catheter associated UTI’s in the hospital setting. In order for this mission to be accomplished, all workers must follow this policy in the clinical and work environment. The main goal is to prevent unnecessary catheter associated infections.

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Aseptic hand hygiene must be maintained at all times when coming in contact with a catheter or catheter bag after insertion. Gloves must be worn when manipulating, emptying, or removing catheter to prevent spread of bacteria.
4. Properly maintain drainage system. Keep bag below the bladder at all times to prevent urine from migrating back into the urethra and bladder. Avoid letting the bag come in contact with the floor as this is an opportunity to pick up bacteria. Empty the bag and obtain sample from port using aseptic technique. Always clamp port and attach to bag when emptying or sampling is completed.
5. Provide perineal care daily, especially after bowel movements. Clean catheter from insertion site to the external tube to decrease the number of existing pathogens. Clean with soap and warm water.
6. Observe color, clarity, and odor of urine every shift. Monitor urinalysis results and other labs including WBC counts for possible infection the patient can incur.
7. Follow up with doctor daily and review charts for an order of removal. Removal of catheter as soon as possible decreases the patient’s risk of infection.

DISCLAIMER: This policy is subject to revision according to new research and evidence based practices that occur within the nursing profession. Policy and procedures will be updated as information becomes

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