Cesar Chavez Civil Rights Analysis

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When I was signing up for a tutorial in the summer, I looked at what looked interesting. I have always been really strong about civil rights, and had the state of mind that everyone should be treated equally. The only past knowledge I really had was about how much everyone in this class has like Black and their civil rights. I have always been really strong about the united farm workers because I read about it on my own growing up in school. Most of us can relate to these issue personalty or by family members because most of us are Black or Hispanic in this school. Many people do not know, and I like to inform people nicely. If I have no real background knowledge then I will never be able to prove my point to anyone. This course was meant for …show more content…

He came from a family of farm workers, but he was privileged enough to go to college, and have many connection when he was older. Going black hoe he saw that the exploitation has not ended yet, and he thought it was enough. He also started working at the farm, so he could show everyone that he was like them too and that he knows what they are going through. That is how he got them to listen and to join the union, and the connection he had helped him get allies on his side for the movement. In one of his speeches he says, “The wealth and plenty of California agribusiness are built atop the suffering of generation of California farm workers. Farm labor history across America is one shameful tale after another of hardships and exploitation.” This is why he is ending it because is it causing many disease and early deaths in people working in these conditions. This is when Chavez get really organized and boycotts the biggest grapes companies in California, and when they try to ship to Europe he does it there too by using his connection in Europe. He uses many of King’s method becuase the situation from both movement are both really

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