Cause And Effect Of Student Cheating Essay

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Student ethics have diminished ever since more technology has been produced including the creation of the smartphone. The amount of cheating has increased over the years and will probably increases as the years go on. Students improperly using technology in the classroom is detrimental because it can encourage students to be academically dishonest. One reason why that students cheat is that there is a lot of competition for high class rank which can push students to take varying actions in order to achieve their goals. Tovani states “students can always find ways to cheat”(Tovani 4). What Tovani is saying is very true students do find various ways of cheating there has been an increase in the amount of academic dishonesty in schools of all levels, including universities. In high school, there are many students that have the desire of attending the university of their dreams after they graduate whether it’s a small university or a prestigious university that accepts a small number of applicants, so there is a good chance they will be academically dishonest to achieve their goal. This is just one of the many reasons why students cheat. Students will decide to be …show more content…

In the article, Instructing Students in Academic Integrity this issue is addressed and there has even been a survey conducted on this matter which show that some have issues in differentiating between cheating and not being academically dishonest. There perspectives have changed because cheating has increased dramatically and to some has become a normal thing to do. This can is problematic because what if they become so familiar with being academically honest that they become really at passing another person’s work as their own. This means detecting whether or not someone is being academically dishonest will be even more difficult making it more difficult for schools to find out who is

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