Chipotle's Hierarchal Model

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Throughout each business company, managers are teaming up with their respectful human resources audits to search for strategies for the best way to produce positive motivation towards its employees. The definition of motivation is the reason of acting or behaving in a particular way. Some of the duty’s for the Human Resource audit, includes monitoring staff treatment and complies with employment laws. A psychological strategy, HR audits have a chance to understand their staff members by using the alderfer’s hierarchal model which involves existence, growth, and relatedness needs. In the food industry, Chipotle is a company that uses the hierarchal model for the reason that they found ways to help benefit their employees psychologically and …show more content…

The first need is existence needs and according to Roland Bushell’s PowerPoint it states, “Concerned about human existence, survival and covers physiological and safety needs of a material nature” (Bushell). In order for the HR Audit to keep its staff to work, they have created benefits that will ease of stress to humans in society. Alderfer’s second hierarchy is Relatedness needs and according to Bushells PowerPoint, “It is when people concerned with relationships for the social environment and covers love or belonging, affiliation, and meaningful interpersonal relationships” (Bushell 20). Whenever people are working in a company, they always compare themselves to other companies based on pay and the atmosphere in the company. The HR Audit job is to help its staff to help comprehend about what stands out in their company and improvements that they can make to make the company stand out. The third need is growth and Roland Bushell defined as, “Concerned with the development of potential and covers self-esteem and self-actualization” (Bushell). Staff is questioning them about their jobs. They are wondering if it’s the right job for them or are they doing this right for themselves. HR wants to give its staff a satisfying reward for what they have accomplished. That way staff know that they are in the right position for success and will be positively …show more content…

After years of working on the same line, employees feel the need to try something new due to the fact there was an offered available or maybe their jobs don’t relate to what they want to do in the future. This is a perfect example of growth in the hierarchy level due to the fact that HR Audit’s job is to set their employees for what’s to come and when that time comes, they are ready. In Chipotle, one of their goals is to help people grow in a skill set of work due to the fact they want them to be ready for the next level in their workforce. This can be beneficial when they apply for future jobs, if they want to apply for a different position in the same business organization, they will be ready as long as the company knows the person and has access to their progress from their previous position. If they want to apply to jobs outside the company, they have a variety of choices that will prepare them for what’s to come. Although HR audit helps employees work towards their future goals, HR audit are looking at relatedness in its

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