Choosing Honor Rhetorical Analysis

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Honor codes are an important and controversial topics on the universities on America. Many professor and students defend honor codes, by saying that are creating a culture of trust, and are they are also created to stop plagiarisms. At the same time many professor and students are against honor codes by saying that, honor codes are outdated and that is not including the new culture that students behold and has not increase plagiarize
Lynn Morton is a professor at Queens University, in charge of giving a speech ` `Choosing Honor`for the new students of the class of 2008. She starts her speech by welcoming them and telling them that she has a college student daughter, and why she is related to honor codes. During her speech she explains why honor codes are one of the most important topics at the Queen University and why does she believes that …show more content…

By saying ` With students feeling increased pressure to succeed and little obligation to turn in their peers, honor codes have fallen out of step with values of the modern college student. Today, earning an “A” is a greater motivator than being deemed “honorable.” the author is generalizing students with not clear datas, most of her arguments about students and honor codes nowadays are based upon her opinions and not based on a clear datas
Morton starts her speech by welcoming the new students. She also tells them about how passionate she is about her job, and how she prepared herself to talk about honor codes. The author tell her audience that she has a college student. She explains to them on how she tried to talk about honor codes with her and how her daughter rejected the topic every time. She explains this to her audience to express her understanding towards how students feel about talking of honor

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