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I have spent many years working to make my community safe and joyous place and in college I hope to do the same. Throughout my years as a Southampton High School student I have volunteered at various events, met new people, and tried my best to make the world a more content place. I have put in hundreds of hours and my entire heart into working to make our town the best it can be. As the Key Club President, Relay for Life Captain, and Class Representative I have learned the true meaning of what it means to be a leader and essentially a teacher. I have learned what it means to be a problem solver and to rise every time I fall. Leadership is about holding your own ground while helping others reach their own. It is about loving to live and living to love. I have learned basic skills like public speaking and time management, but I have also learned how to overcome obstacles. In some smaller cases I have made a difference in lives. I have inspired kids to do more for their community and to reach their goals. I have helped people survive one more night in the frigid weather, while guiding others through sorrowful experiences. It has been my experience as a leader that has given me the skills to become …show more content…

We are working toward showing society that humans are human, and that nothing can change that. I think that the best place to start this growth and recognition starts as a young child. Ultimately my goal is to open a daycare that is open to anyone no matter size, nor color, nor ability. What I hope to do is create a classroom environment that teaches kids to accept each other and learn how to work with others who might not have the same intellectual advantage as them. If a child is provided with the right support they do not have to rely on emotions like anger to express themselves. By exposing the future generation to kindness now, there is a better chance of it staying with them their entire

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