Classroom Observation

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Inclusion classrooms are described as a general education classroom in which the students with or without disabilities learn together. This would result in some mixed emotions towards the teacher’s responsibility, lowering the teacher’s effectiveness about being able to teach the rest of their peers in the classroom. Throughout this paper I will observing data of some perspectives in a classroom from that I will be putting in this paper. Common themes that will happen are the teachers needs for collaboration, shared responsibilities, planning time for lessons, and professional development. As I was viewing these observations the all have some excellent point of views about inclusion classrooms. The lack of planning time for the teachers was one of the concerns. When you have a large size classroom with children who have a disability and regular classroom students it will be hard for the teachers to come up with lesson plans to cooperate the two. Another observation was stating that the inclusion classroom works better when the general education teacher would be open to any new ideas and techniques used for differentiation that are given by the special education teacher. Meaning that the special education teacher would be able to design lessons based on the learning styles of those who have a disability. The concerns of the teacher’s attitudes were also a factor. Their attitudes will have an effect to not only them but for the students as well. If the

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