Clinical Assignment Essay

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My clinical assignment for my spring semester of junior year is at Misericordia University. At Misericordia University I do not technically have an assigned sport in which I will be working with for the entire semester. I am looking forward to this upcoming semester because I feel like it is going to be different than at King’s College. This semester I will be able to work with a wide variety of sports teams and athletes, compared to only being assigned to one specific team, as I was last semester with the men’s soccer team. For my spring clinical rotation, I have a few goals I would let to set. My first goal that I would like to achieve is that when an athlete comes into the athletic training room, I would like to gain more confidence in…show more content…
As an athletic training student I need to be able to communicate better with other individuals because I am going to have to do that on a daily basis for the rest of my life. The best way to practice my communication skills with other patients and health care professionals is going to come with more experience and time practicing athletic training. Second, when it comes to the clinical setting I need to take more of an initiative, such as coming up with ideas and solutions needed to help improve athletes and other patients. The third weakness as an athletic training student would be that after I finish an evaluation, I always tend to find another athletic training student or preceptor to evaluate my patient to double check to determine if we both end up getting the same diagnosis, rather than being confident that I have made the correct diagnosis. Over the period of the spring semester I can help improve my weaknesses by continuing to work hard both in my classes and at my clinical rotations. Also, I believe I can improve my weaknesses by just continuing to gain more experience with athletic training, and I feel like the more time I spend at my clinical rotations, the more I will
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