Clown Fish: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Even as a child, my parents had high hopes for my siblings and I. My mother assumed duty as a housewife to teach all her children and care for everyone in the house while my father worked day and night to provide for us. My mother was the first person who taught us how to write, read, speak, and solve problems.. We all had learned to write the alphabets and our names by the time we were 3-4 years old. I loved writing my name as a child because my parents made me feel so proud and confident about the fact I could. I fell in love with reading and at the time period in my life, I enjoyed reading more than writing my own pieces. Eventually I began to admire authors for writing such a masterpiece rather than focusing on just the story. I just remember…show more content…
One piece of writing I can 't seem to forget was a nonfiction piece explaining the life of any animal of your choosing. I wrote about clown fish after watching Finding Nemo for the first time. I couldn 't stop thinking about a really silly fun fact about the genders of clown fish. This was the first time I presented something I wrote to a class and it was well received causing me to be motivated to write more. One thing that made me sad but didn 't hinder me was my piece for my elementary school newspaper. I wrote more than the other kids and tried to use to use "adult" words but in the end embarrassed myself and made me regret writing anything by making a spelling error. My mother loves to save all the moments in my family 's life by collecting everything. I got into the habit of saving all papers that were about me and my life in school even if it seemed insignificant. I have folders filled of my writing as a child and looking back I see how much I…show more content…
By being so open to reading as a child I got into writing my own stories so in the future I could be able to evoke the feelings I felt when I read a captivating and beautifully written book. I want to create a book that will be a positive force in someone 's life. I enjoy the idea that I can thin kike this in this new age of technology where it is so easy to get out there and get feedback. I posted my writing online before and I got all these likes and reviews. Just seeing how people enjoy my writing and ideas and are willing to help me pushed me to write more for my fans. Writing as I grow older is getting harder for me to get into. I love to write and create something living and breathing from my words but nowadays, it seems that all my writing is just for academics. I can 't have fun with my writing anymore. I 'm fine with writing purely academic pieces but it gets so tiring when I see that I 'm not improving no matter how hard I try so I lose hope for those pieces. I want to write free but I need a lot of time to fix everything and I feel like everything is on a time constraint so I feel rushed and strangled by everything. Not only that, but now I have dreams that I can vividly recall and jot down which range from macabre to bittersweet to semi-sweet. My dreams are a great source of inspiration for what I think so when I hear certain words I link them to other pieces of literature and ideas. My early experiences with writing under time constraints and failing to

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