College Athletes Should Not Be Unionized

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In 2015 10.5 million people viewed the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, and if these player went on strike all these views and the revenue that surrounds the tournament would stop. College athletes should not be paid because the main purpose of college is for school, athletes receive enough from their scholarships, and if college athletes unionize they can get whatever pay they want
Many schools are fueled by their sports and outstanding athletes that play them, but the main purpose of college is not to play sports. Lots of Division One schools are all about sporting programs because f the money that the programs bring in. Without these sporting events some schools probably would not survive. Just because a prime sport like basketball
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This is because the players are the main aspect of college sports so without them the school would be losing money. “The NCAA, in particular, was an enormously complex and decentralized body and was not under the direct governing authority of presidents. Second, the principle of academic integrity aimed to prevent the widespread exploitation of student-athletes(Hearn)”. The NCAA was formed to fight the problem that could happen which is players going on strike. This could still happen if players feel that they have been mistreated, which is why players should not be allowed to unionize. The main reason players should not be allowed to unionize is players could get whatever they want if they went on strike. A nationwide strike of NCAA athletes would not only upset the school, but also the millions of people who watch college sports every year. Besides making masses of people upset a strike would lose millions of dollars of revenue for schools, affecting the whole school not just the athletes. “This threat has to do with the position of these so-called "premier" sports as part of a continuing and dramatic revolution in the culture of sport in America(Hearn)”. The premier sports in America include basketball, football, and baseball. If the athletes in these sports went on strike there would be chaos all across the United…show more content…
Some college athletes are just as well known as pro players which is one of the arguments for why they should be paid. Although some athletes are very well known the purpose of college is to a student first. Which is why the top tier players can wait for professional sports to be paid, and while in college they can students. Another argument for why athletes should be paid is because there is already lots of under the table deals that take place with college athletes. Under the table deals will only hurt the athlete in the long run. If the player can not wait for the pros to be paid then it will only hurt them especially if they get
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