College Students Cheating Cell Phones

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Kaitlyn Howard Ms. Rasley ERWC Per 2 30 January 2018 In this paper i will discuss the issue of college students misusing cell phones for cheating intentions. An excessive amount of college students find the convenience of cell phones to very useful for cheating on assignments and tests. From my point of view these students are not interested in the work like they should be. If teachers personalize assignments to make it more difficult for students to cheat with cell phones. College students have constant access to cell phones which they cheat with and this leads them to mistake information for learning. College students are cheating for a number of reasons like taking the easy way out and to get ahead of the work they are given. According to Jagadesh Kumar, M. , author of the article “Honestly Speaking about Academic Dishonesty” states, “Increased competition to get better grades and a skewed shift in our focus from the joy of learning.” (p.357). This quote is explaining one reason why undergraduates cheat . College students are pressured to get all of the work done the right way and they have no time to enjoy themselves outside of that work. College students see cheating as an accessible way to get assignments done. Another reason why college students cheat is because they simply see everyone else doing it and do not take the consequences seriously. Melanie G. Snyder , author of the article “Cyber-Ethics: pirates in the Classroom” states "When everybody does it, or
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