Comcast Strengths And Weaknesses

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One of the biggest marketing trends to hit the telecommunications industry is bundling services to expand beyond television by collecting not only cable television revenue, but also money that the consumer might otherwise be paying to a telephone company and an internet access provider. A simple recognition of the company’s name and variety of services offered tends to be two of Comcast’s major marketing strengths. It is common knowledge that Comcast offers the best combination of services, cost, and reliability in the telecom industry, through their continuous efforts to build upon preexisting services to offer more to customers. Customers are able to save since most companies will provide a discount on bundled services in exchange for the increased …show more content…

In April of 2016, Comcast spoke about its future plans to buy the DreamWorks Animation studio, although both would still remain separate brands. “The acquisition of DreamWorks Animation would fit squarely into the entertainment strategy, allowing Comcast to build on an already successful part of the company.” stated the New York Times. The thought of why Comcast is partnering with diverse suppliers given that they can’t do deals within cable, pressures me to believe that Comcast’s ultimate goal is none other than growth and operational excellence. Comcast’s decision to buy out DreamWorks Animation would give Comcast the immediate lift it’s been seeking, with its established animation studio and growing television business. This could result in international growth for Comcast, knowing that DreamWorks Animation has an animation studio in Shanghai (Oriental DreamWorks). Stephen B. Burke, NBC Universal’s Chief Executive and Senior Vice President of Comcast recently stated that “focusing on building film franchises had been an explicit strategy for the

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