Communication And Speech: The Importance Of Language And Language

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Communication is the exchange of message or meaning. It uses all senses, although we often focus on language and speech because they convey the most complex meanings. Language is more formal than communication, as it has set of rules to express new ideas and to convey complex meanings. Speech is nothing but making sounds that become words- the physical act of talking. Language is the system we use to communicate in words. It includes using words and gestures to say what we mean, and understand what others say. Communication and language consists of listening and attention, understanding, and speaking. Learning starts for infants in the womb, when they hear and respond to familiar voices. A child learns quickly and fast at the age of 2 to 5 years. Children who are…show more content…
at the age of three their vocabulary can consists of hundreds of words. Can imitate adults speech pattern accurately and enjoys asking questions. • 3-4 years: children begin to further develop their language skills, and their vocabulary continues to expand to 1500 words. In conversations and singing they will begin to use pitch and tone. Understands questions or instructions in two parts. Will be aware of time in related to past, present and future. • 4-5 years: their grammar become more accurate and can use complex words. Understands short stories and can answer questions related to it and can also be able to follow simple story without pictures. Frequently ask the meaning of unfamiliar words and makes use of them. Understands instructions containing sequencing words like ‘first, after, last’ etc. • 5-7 years: children continue to build their language in both written and verbal. They can imagine and member stories and can retell a story. Knowledge of books will continue because they can understand the meaning of text and begins to recognise letters, words, and sounds. ➢

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