Communication In Health And Social Care Essay

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Within my work setting I am required to communicate with a range of groups and individuals. This includes service users, their families and friends, internal staff such as care staff, senior care staff, nurses and managerial staff. Sometimes, it is also necessary to liaise with external staff and agencies. For example, health professionals such as GP 's and district nurses, advocates, social workers and the Care Quality Commission. At present, the level of communication required between myself and external practitioners and agencies is of a limited nature. However, this will not be as limited as I begin to progress within my career and take on further responsibilities.

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When communicating with any individual it is my responsibility to consider and ensure that I adopt an appropriate style and method of communication. The style and method I choose to adopt will of course depend on the nature of the type of information needing to be shared and gained and also the individual whom I am interacting with.

Effective communication within the care setting is paramount. The way in which we communicate can have both positive and negative impacts on relationships. Positive relationships can be formed when communication is effective. It demonstrates to the person whom we are communicating with that we are interested, understand them and therefore begins to build a foundation of trust. Effective communication enables care objectives to be clear and aids in the planning to meet them to result in a positive outcome.

When communicating with an individual we care for we can gain a deeper level of understanding of who they are, their interests, spiritual and emotional needs, beliefs,wishes and preferences. This enables us to work with the individual to agree with them the way they would prefer to receive their care and ensures we are working to promote person centred care with the individual 's best interests being at the

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