Communication In Volleyball

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Team players have started to reduce in the modern sports era. Many players have become self-centered, even in team sports. Presently, High school athletes always want their names in the paper or want to get acknowledged by coaches or friends, but true team players do things that many people do not see. They may lead by example during practice or do little things that make a difference in the game. Linemen, on a football team, are great examples of this because the quarterback, running backs, and wide receivers get all the credit for great plays and touchdowns, while linemen have to block the three-hundred-pound man in front of them every time, or the play will get blown up. Team players don’t do things for themselves, they do it for the benefit of the team. In a team player’s mind, the betterment of the team must come first. No matter who scores a touchdown,…show more content…
When a teammate does something wrong, maybe by accident or on purpose, a team player will call them out and tell them what went wrong. Communication also helps with knowing where players remain on the field or court. In volleyball, communication is very important because players need to know where their teammates are, in case help is desired. Basketball and soccer players also need to do this to know where to pass the ball if their teammate is not visible. Team players don’t just lead by example on the field, they also have to work hard off of it as well. In school, team players can show up in projects as well as regular work. Team players get their work done and then attempt to help anyone around them that needs help. They also help their teammates who may struggle in classes that the leaders might be good at. Therefore, this can also affect people’s work habits when they have jobs in the future. Doing your own work and then helping others takes time, but it is an example of leadership and teamwork off of the
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