Compare And Contrast The Battle Of Atlantic

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It is difficult to understand a war and its events. However, we will be looking at two theaters from World War II. European theater of war Battle of the Atlantic, and Pacific theater of war Battle of Iowa Jima. Two battles that made history with their bloody last long events. You will learn about when and where it started, leaders and its roles, events, winning side, and more. At the end, we will compare and contrast how Europe and Pacific are differed. Battle of the Atlantic started on September 1939-May 1945, Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, Battle of Iowa Jima started on February 1945-March 1945, Iwo Jima Volcano Island. The atlantic battle was between the allies and axis, and the leaders were Winston Churchill from the allies, and Karl …show more content…

With the battle of Atlantic, there were a total of 27 events during the battle, for example, u-boat bases were discovered and taken cared of by the RAF, and 43 u-boats were sunk. Now, with the battle of Iowa JIma, there were a total of 21 events, for example, in the middle of the war, general Kuribayashi passed away and reports said he committed ritual suicide. Which side on each battle do you think benefited? On the battle of Atlantic, the allies won defeating Donitz. No matter how hard Donitz tried, the germans were weakening in power. On the other hand, in the battle of Iowa Jima, America won in result of the American Victory defeating the Japan. However, how did it happen? America started bombing, but it wasn’t effective. They decided to cut the island in two, surrounded, and trapped …show more content…

For example, in the battle of Iowa Jima, this battle was important because America prevented and stopped Japan for obtaining the island of Iwo Jima, even if it belonged to them, to build their air base. If it would have turned out differently, Japan would have succeeded and stay with their land, while America wouldn’t have build their air base. On the other hand, battle of Atlantic was important because the axis wanted to blockade the allies and probably other nations, but they failed. If it would have turned out differently, the germans and all the axis would have take almost everything away to the allies, like food, shipping, mostly things to survive. Both battles had a big impact that cost many human lives in many ways, like killed, wounded, missing, or went prisoners. For example, in Atlantic battle, there were a total of 35,000 lives taken, they were either missing, sunk, killed, or wounded. With the battle of Iowa Jima, America lost 6,891 lives by being killed and 18,070 being wounded. With the Japanese 22,000 lives were taken with 212 as

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