Compare And Contrast The Branches Of Government

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The United States government, like any other government, is full of complexity and often is under scrutiny for the way things are operated. There are three different branches to our government, those being: the Legislative branch (Congress), the Executive branch (the President) and the Judiciary branch (courts) ("Branches of Government"). The US Constitution brought about these different branches of government as a way to divide and check one another 's power. If one branch has too much power it can lead to the introduction of unfair legislation and could lead to the downfall of our democracy. The Legislative branch consists of Congress who are charge of making laws. The United States has a bicameral legislature which means that it is divided into two separate Houses; the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both of these houses are directly elected by the people, the House of …show more content…

The United States operates on a two party system and often times congress is divided between Democrats and Republicans. The relationships built between those in opposing parties are key in overcoming partisan and ideological divisions to get bills, and other legislation passed and through Congress (Manning). These people bring about a sense of cohesiveness amongst Congress and help to make things work faster and more smoothly. Building relationships takes time and with the House of Representatives terms only being two years much of this time is spent adjusting and building these important relationships. With the introduction of term limits, this process of constantly bringing in new legislators will slow down the process in which they get things done due to the necessity of building these anew. Not only will it destroy relationships and slow down the overall process but it will also punish those with experience which is often a huge reason as to why they are

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