Compare The FNP Role To The RN

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One of the most prominent things that differ to me when comparing the FNP role to the RN role is the amount of school required to perform the necessary functions for each position. RN’s require a minimum of an AAS degree, while a FNP needs to hold a Master’s degree which is a substantial difference in school requirements. I believe this is because the responsibility and autonomy of an FNP position requires a high level of education. I also believe that although RN’s use critical thinking and have a great amount of autonomy, as and FNP those practices increase. RN’s take a primary role in helping patients with daily cares, monitoring conditions, communicated with patients about their cares, assisting other members of the staff with procedures and treatments and health promotion and education with patients. FNP’s carry the role of evaluating values and information received by the nurse and creating a personalized plan with the patients, diagnosing and treating, prescribing medications, and also helping to educate and encourage health promotions.

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