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Employee satisfaction is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and comfortable and accomplishing their desires and needs at work. Employee satisfaction can also be based on the effect of an individual’s experience of work, or the quality of their working life. Employee satisfaction can be well understood in terms of its connection with some key factors, such as well- being, stress at work, control at work, working condition etc. employee satisfaction is based on how the organization treats them, effective employee satisfaction for individuals reflects from the emotional feeling they have about their job.
Here we are discussing employee satisfaction through five articles which are, which gives us a
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Second, in the motivational theory of Herzberg’s states that, “client satisfaction indirectly effects employee satisfaction by effecting the perceived appreciation the employees receive from customers”. These observations have three major managerial effects; first, investment into customer satisfaction might settle double by enhancing revenue and profit on one hand, and improving employee satisfaction and retention on other hand. Second, positive customer feedback has positive effect on employee satisfaction and appreciation. Third, it is analysed that marketing and human resource issue are tangled in professional service firms. Creating satisfied and devoted customers will be useful for the organization, therefore allotting significant resources for employee and customer satisfaction and retention. However some researchers raise serious concerns about substantial prominence placed on both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction and whether or not they relate to bottom line performance. In the case of hospitality and tourism sector attention to service and customer satisfaction is most important factor, it is expected to be a day- to day activity. This sector cannot run successfully without pampering their customers. In order to succeed a company needs to do a better job in generating satisfactory experience for both employees and…show more content…
Customers will recognize and appreciate the outstanding service offered to them.
Over time they will show loyalty behaviour, such as continued purchase and increased demand. This loyal behaviour will help to generate both market share and profitability rise for service firm. Employee satisfaction level will increase when they have high customer contact. Employees thrive in their customer- contact position when they have an internal drive to:- o Pamper

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