Confederate Flag

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The confederate flag is immediately recognizable in the back window of a pickup truck or portrayed on the t-shirt for Lynrd Skynrd and Credence Clearwater, but has come under stark criticism. The argument is a multi-faceted assault, by, both restricting first amendment rights of free speech, restricting a symbol of southern heritage, and a person’s right not to feel threatened by an assumed racist epithet. It is a simple piece of fabric, the red and blue Southern Cross, which divides a nation much as it did 150 years ago when it symbolized the fight against oppressive laws. Many believe that the Confederate Flag is representative of the patriots who were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the nation and individual rights the founding fathers envisioned, however today, liberals and minorities have made the claim, the confederate flag is racist rather than a simple symbol of southern pride. …show more content…

The first Confederate Flag used in the Civil war was reminiscent of the Betsy Ross flag, stars in the corner and red and blue stripes in the field, however, this flag only lasted one year due to this resemblance. After Stonewall Jackson’s death the battle flag (Confederate Flag) was draped over his coffin as he lay in wait which earned the flag its historic significance and became a symbol of Southern pride. Subsequent versions of the next two confederate flags incorporated the Virginian Battle Flag, by, placing the Virginia battle flag in the corner and making the field white, and then adding a red stripe to the end of the field, so as not confuse the new flag as a white flag of surrender. Never recognized as an official Civil War symbol, the Virginian Battle Flag, historically, holds a significant place in the

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