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The use of consumer today has a direct link with environmental well-being in the future. The prudence use will save the earth and the earth resources from vanishing due to the uncontrolled use of resources. Sustainable use means the use of goods and services to achieve life quality, but at the same time minimizing the use natural resources , toxic waste emissions into the air and do not harm the environment for the next generation (Magrabi, Chung Cha & Yang, 1991). Basis National Consumer toward sustainable consumption is increasing efforts to towards sustainable consumption practices among retailers , suppliers and manufacturer to ensure the wellbeing and welfare of consumers in the era globalization and trade liberalization .
The use of plastic
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The deterioration of the environment led to the adoption and the development of consciousness of consumers’ attitude towards eco-friendly products in order to protecting the planet (Luck et al., 2009, p. 2). However, little research has previously been conducted on shopping bags. According to National Geographic News found the data from the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States The fact that goods and services are being consumed in ever‐increasing amounts, with a worldwide consumption of 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags every year. Hence, it gives us a strong reason to further investigate about this topic this topic. It gives us an incentive to understand how consumers attitude and perception towards the consumption of eco-friendly shopping bags. Nonetheless, we must not forget the importance of people’s perceptions and attitudes of eco-friendly bags and what attributes they think are most important. Insight in all these separate areas will contribute to a better overall picture of why a certain bag is used. It is important to investigate the consumer attitudes towards these bags in order to help a company to be able to design the eco-friendly shopping

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