Contextual Factors In Mauritian Education

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There are many implications that go along with the teaching profession contrary to what people think about it being teaching the lesson, students are passive learners and the job is done. The school and the parents have a lot of contributing factors that affect the teaching and learning process which also includes the classroom dynamics and student characteristics are also important aspects when it comes to teacher planning and student learning. Teachers need to take all of these into account to ensure that teaching and learning has taken place.

Contextual factors in the Mauritian education are the traits of the learning environment that has an effect on the usefulness of instruction. The first contextual factor is the students’ characteristics. According to Armstrong (2009) and Fierros (2004), Gardner (1993) described the different learning styles as “multiple intelligences” and conveyed that a human being can possess more than one intelligence. In our classes, there are different students with different learning styles. We have auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners among others. The former learn best through hearing of information and often need to read the written words aloud to enable them remember the key points in the instruction given. This method is the best way for them to study. For visual learners, they learn best by seeing what they are being taught and prefer images, graphs or any other visual representations over other forms of instruction.

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