Cost Of College Education Essay

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There is no easy solutions to the cost of college education, but it is possible to experience the lowest cost possible. For one, students could attend in-state schools to receive a reduced tuition rate. Also in-state schools may provide scholarships to students who qualify. In Florida, for example, students may receive assistance through the Bright Futures program when they attend a Florida college or university. At the University of Florida, for example, in-state students pay $18,451 a year compared to the out-of-state tuition rate of $38,591. That’s a savings of more than $20,000.
Another solution to paying lower college education depends on the type of school you attend. Yes, we would all like to attend an Ivy League school, but why should
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I had no idea that college tuition was so expensive, I would hear people speak about it, but it doesn’t quite reside with you until you’ve experienced it for yourself. My first semester of college, financial aid only covers about two-thirds of my tuition, and with three kids in college, I had to get a job to help out my parents out. This job then began affecting my school work and ultimately I had to quit. I then resorted to applying for scholarships, and that’s what helped me out a lot. What colleges don’t understand is that their expensive tuition does not only affect your pocket, but also your overall performance in school.
Colleges need to be considerate of the fact that there are already a lot of stress that we as students have to deal with. College is no longer a place where 18 year old students that are fresh out of high school attend. It is a place where many students are mothers to a child or children for that matter, who has a full time job while still trying to get their degree. I would really like to educate my peers on this matter of the rise of college education, therefore, I am asking that you approve my topic so that my peers can better become aware of this
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