Critical Success Factors

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To achieve the success of any project or business one needs to set up a number of factors that will be a key to its prosperity. In this case for the app to be a success a number of critical factors should be put in place and considered. Having a fancy business or app may attract customers but that may not be enough to keep it going. The failure is generated by poor planning and lack of well set strategies that help work towards certain objectives. Taking an example of where one owns a restaurant, the presence of a good menu and having a well prepared market is not an assurance to success. They may serve as a great attraction to customers but it does not make it certain that they will keep on coming or that will keep
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It is argued to be the key that ultimately results in the development, growth and profitability of the project. For the project to be successful it does not only take word of mouth or advertisements that are paid for. Many businesses in the catering and food department such as non-chain hotels and restaurants are dependent on adverts, sales, promotions, coupons and in present day time’s social media. Low cost advertisements and good public relations with consumers will lead to success of the project. Apart from advertising and promotions, to make the app successful I will need to create a well outlined marketing plan. This will include choosing the right name, brand and logo for the app. The brand simply sells the product. Attractiveness in the adverts used or the logo may catch the consumer’s attention easily. This being an application that will be used in electronic devices such as phones and computers the internet and social media will serve as the major mode of advertisements. It will take adequate effort to develop an application that the consumers will come by and be interested in it. The cost of the marketing modes will also be key as if mismanaged inappropriate funds may be used leading to overspending. This may lead to losses. The better the marketing the more the app will sell. Many people should be able to get access to the app. Therefore, suitable prices to cater for everyone should be used and marketed. This will fetch a greater number of

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