Identify And Explain The Differences Between Land Based Empire And American Empires

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The Ottoman Empire was founded by Turkish tribes and eventually grew to be one of the world’s most powerful empires. Like most empires starting out, the Ottoman
Empire expanded heavily. The political, social, and economic structures were a mix of Byzantium and the Turkish empires in Central Asia. The Ottoman Empire had a monarchy government, where the Sultan was basically the government. The social and economic aspect of the Ottoman Empire was fairly good in that the people held a strong say in what the government did so the officials tended to the people and their opinions on taxes, laws, and military conquests. The Russian Empire like the
Ottoman, heavily expanded early in the development of the empire. The Russians expanded for security from the, obviously hostile, nomadic people and tribes in their …show more content…

Russia’s economy was largely based in fur pelts so expanding to have a larger supply was a necessity. Their main religion was Christianity so when they spread and conquered new areas they saw it as their duty to spread the word of God as well.
There was a tax that had to be paid as well. The Russian government was one of executive power.
2. Explain the differences between land-based empires and maritime empires. (10 points) - Land empires, like the name suggests, had control of large land areas and to do so successfully needed a large military, strong form of some central government, they were however vulnerable to land and sea attack because of their size, and they battled with natives to conquer more land. Maritime empires were much smaller and made their impact by controlling ports and commodities moving in and out of them. They did not need a military or government as large as the land based empires and because of their location many were able to explore, find, and conquer new

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