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Developmental Spelling Stage: Letter Name Learning Standard: RF.1.2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and phonemes (sounds). b. Orally produce single-syllable words by blending phonemes, including consonant blends. RF.1.2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and phonemes (sounds). c. Isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel, and final phonemes in spoken single-syllable words. Learning Objective: Students will be able to produce and recognize initial blends of words. Description of the activity: The activity is a play off of tic tac toe in which students use pictures which help give focus on sound be able to work on the DSA feature B (). The DSA feature B is the initial consonant blends and diagraphs (). Students will match their game card pictures to the corresponding intial blend letters on the game board. Activity: Blends Tic Tac Toe Directions: Students will be in pairs with a set of a playing cards per pair and a tic tac toe board. I will pick a student to be my partner to play against. We will each pick a color for our game pieces: tan or black. We will model a game for the students. I will choose a card with a picture that is more ambigious and harder for the students to indentify such…show more content…
The feedback from my classmates was that it was a fun activty. At first the mian issue was that the students were matching the pictures to the letters but there was no way to tell the ownership of that picture. This issue was solved,however, when I brought in the game pieces. They also suggested that I go over some of the mabigious pictures which I would plan to do during my modeling. Upon doing this actiivty next time, I would definitely think about having different materials such as making the board games out of dry erase paper. This way the board can be changable and reusable. The game can also be turned into an individual bingo

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