Differences Between The Outsiders Movie And Book

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Have you ever felt like you absolutely don’t fit in? Ponyboy is going through this process in The Outsiders. He doesn't fit in with the greasers but he isn’t a soces at all. The theme for this novel is “fitting in”. The movie and the book The Outsiders are similar and different in many ways, but the theme stays the same in both. The book and the movie are similar in many ways like the characters. Both have Ponyboy, Soda, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Two-bit, Sherry, Randy, and Bob as the main characters. The book and the movie have the same conflicts, the greasers and the soces don’t get along and they have a rumble. Johnny kills Bob so they run away and hide in an old church. When they came back to the church it was burning in flames with kids inside. Johnny and Pony went inside to save them. Johnny got third degree burns and died from the burns. Cherry, or Sherry, tries to help Ponyboy after Johnny kills Bob. …show more content…

There are some differences in this case. Close to the beginning Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy finds kids playing cards on their turf so Dally does 52 Card Pick Up and chase the kids out of their area. Darry yelled at Soda and Pony tells Darry not to yell at him and in the book Darry slaps Ponyboy but in the movie Darry pushes Ponyboy down. When Johnny goes to the store in the movie it shows him getting peanut butter, bologna, and bread but in the book it says that Johnny only got bologna and bread. At the end of the book Ponyboy is failing his class. He called his teacher to ask him a question about an assignment in the movie that didn’t happen at

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