6 Basic Types Of E-Commerce In 21th Century

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E-business is the terms that using internet for business purpose. Now a day, every individual know how to use internet for multi purposes. Some of them were using for knowledge, for social and for business purpose. Internet provides a new platform for increase the revenue of the business. While website is one of the common tools using by community, e-business is just a web presence. This tools was helping the owner to decrease the workload and help them work smarter and no harder to get the same result at the outcome There are 6 basic types of e-commerce which is existed in 21th century. (Fernandes, 2014) First is business-to-customer. This means that online business selling to individual consumer. The owner using promotions as tools for attract the consumer. Next is business-to-business. This means that online business selling to other company. The firms purchase two types of goods which are direct goods which are the good direct involved in production process and also indirect goods. These goods were not directly involved in production process. After that is consumer-to consumer. This means that consumer selling item to other consumer. The consumer rent or selling the service to other consumer in order to gain revenue. After that is Mobile e-commerce. This means the owner use of mobile devices to enable online transactions. Next is social e-commerce. This means the community using famous social media to keep in touch of the relationship. Last is e-commerce. This is focus
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