Disadvantages Of Physical Therapy

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Martin Henry Fischer, an American physician once said, “Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.” Back then diagnoses weren’t as accurate as they are now. Diagnoses have improved throughout the years because of the innovative technology used by doctors and nurses. Research has shown technological advances in sports medicine therapy have assisted medical professionals in developing a more accurate diagnosis - contact sports often result in a high degree of injuries - More focused treatment plans, and created devices that are used in treatment that provide patients with improved results. Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is the treatment method for diseases, injuries, and deformities. Physical therapist use methods like massage therapy, heat treatments, and exercise. Physical therapy teaches clients how to manage and prevent certain conditions, and helps achieve long term health benefits. Physical therapists assume leadership roles in rehabilitation; in prevention, health maintenance, and programs that promote health, wellness, and fitness; and in professional and community organizations. To establish diagnoses, prognoses and treatments, physical therapists must evaluate the injury, examine the data given by medical technology, and they must determine whether the injuries are in the field to be addressed by physical therapist. Contact sports are known to have kids who injure themselves whether it 's a sprained ankle, torn/strained ligament, or

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