Walt Disney Feasibility Study

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Sustainability and sustainable development have got to be catchphrases throughout the most recent decade. (Elagar, 2002) Sustainability is an idea that, over the previous decade, it has kept on gaining footing in an extensive variety of establishments and segments, from national to neighbourhood government, from agriculture to tourism, and from assembling to development. (Kibert, al,et, 2011).
The Walt Disney Company support the sustainability and sourcing strategies by developing, implementing and maintaining a Supplier Sustainability program that: reacts to the natural targets and objectives of their organization, passes on the significance and estimation of maintainability inside of their offering and assessment procedures …show more content…

Most of their employees are highly specialised in the technology field. (Popuri, Yasasvi and Chandra 2003, 1)
Working from home is an option for employees since most work can be completed with the use of computers. Cartoonist, game designers, visual development artist and painters are some examples of employees exercising telecommunication.
Walt Disney CO has an on-site child care centre. This indicates that there has been references made from flexible work arrangements. E.g. Flexible working hours allows mothers to start work earlier and can drop their children at the child care centre. The idea is that if employees start early they can finish early and spend the rest of the day with their children.
Walt Disney Theme Parks practices various flexible work arrangements. Of which, job sharing is the most common. An employee in the theme park are able to execute task in various sections of the theme park. A ride operator can switch positions with a ticketing staff easily. The training programme provided by Walt Disney allows staff to multitask.
JDCS …show more content…

This formula is used to measure the work stress and burnout experienced by both an employee and employer.
Workplace health issues manifest as work stress and burnout. The ideal JDCS model eliminates workplace health issues. It is important to differentiate work stress and burnout.
What is work stress?
According to Beehr and McGrath, circumstances and events in a situation whether physical or psychosocial stimulant can create a reaction. In these situations if the stressors are not managed with, it will cause negative impacts. (Beehr & McGrath, 1990)
What is burnout?
Job burnout is a syndrome in response to continual interpersonal stressors. There are three main indicators leading to job burnout. Overwhelming fatigue, negative feelings (detachment from the job) and lack of achievement. (Maslach, Schaufeli & Leiter, 2001,

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