Dos Equis Commercial Analysis

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Who Knew Beer Could Be This Interesting? How would you relish to experience the life of the most intriguing man in the world? That is the question that Dos Equis is endeavoring to raise in their commercials. The commercials portray “the most interesting man in the world” undertaking all kinds of adventurous, convivial, or athletic acts. These acts involve things like playing croquet, venturing through a dense rainforest, and being the life of immensely colossal high class parties. This commercial in particular shows him jumping off of astronomically immense cliffs as comely women look on, encountering native tribes, and other adventurous acts. Dos Equis uses not only these commercial’s humor to sell their potation, but withal through portraying this astoundingly cool, …show more content…

The man dressed in his suit sitting around a fine wooden table, and circumvented by pulchritudinous women all while sipping his delectable sophisticated potation. Furthermore, this scene implicatively insinuates that by imbibing Dos Equis you can be a suave ladies’ man, and circumvent yourself with classy, adolescent women additionally. Better yet it shows you that you don’t even have to be adolescent to do so. That is consequential considering the fact that this commercial is aimed at sophisticated, upper-class potation imbibers which are probably around the age of forty. Ergo, this last scene is the epitome of suaveness and class in this commercial, and when the man utters the closing words of the commercial “Stay thirsty my friends,” you can’t avail but be sold. Throughout the commercial Dos Equis is trying to sell their beer to men of all types. Dos Equis wants everyone to see their selves as the man or see ourselves becoming more like the man. They want us to believe their beer can make us “the most interesting man in the world.” Can something as simple as beer do

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