Effects Of Video Games On Children

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The Harmful Video Games Effects of On Children

Do you ever image a world with endless possibilities? Well, you can have this experience this through video games. Children throughout the world play video games, however it has been a growing concern that these games control young people’s minds. Just think about it for a second, sitting at home for vast number of hours staring at a screen and not knowing what is happening in the real world. These games have positive and negative effects on children, but I strongly believe that video games do affect young kid’s minds.
There has been a huge question being asked, is it unhealthy to be playing these video games? Individuals blame computer games for making kids fat, lazy and savage. However, people argue that they don 't, but research was given by students about their own gaming habits and body weight and the results have shown that physical and mental health problems depend on the student 's mental focus on a game. if the child is quite recently taking a seat for a considerable length of time, at that point they are not getting exercise like a few kids get, this might result in the child not being fit and healthy for the future. This could lead to medical issues in the future, which is stressing for the eventual fate of all great individuals on the planet.
A few youngsters are losing the ability to distinguish reality which has been shown in an investigation which has found that repeating a task many times in video game makes the

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