Negative Effects Of Video Games On Children

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1. Topic of the essay
Are video games to violent for children?
2. Outline
I. Introduction: Background about video games
II. Literature review: Negative effects of video games
2.1. Health
2.2. Harmful habit
2.3. Destroying of relationship between children and parents
III. Opinion essay: Experience and examples from own life
3.1. Obesity of my brother
3.2. Sleeping later because of playing video games
3.3. Bad relationship with parents
IV. Conclusion
V. References
VI. Reflection paper

3. Introduction Nowadays, notion “video games” sounds absurd, as in the modern world young generation play video games and use it actively. In the modern world, the most of children prefer to play video games; children are fond of playing video game and spend more time by this. According to the dictionary …show more content…

In the 21st century, most people all over the world play video games and get addicted to them, for example, according to Takahashi (2013), “more than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide”
(Para 1). Video games are too violent for children as video games have negative effects in terms of health, acquiring harmful habits and destroying relationship between kids and parents.

4. Literature review In this literature review the negative effects of video games will be described.
First negative effect is that video games spoil children’s health and can even bring to obesity. Danielle Dai and Amanda Fry (2014) state that 12 percent of children between ages of 2 to 5,are obese and 18 percent of kids between ages of 12 and 19, are obese as a consequence of playing

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