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“America is not just a country, it’s an idea” -Bono. America, where millions from around the world have come to create their ideal community. America was formed, and is constantly being altered by the people who run it. Many countries look at America as a standard, a standard to which they compare themselves, but why? Why is America so sought after, and how did it come to be this way? Many claim it is because the idea of America, was born from the compromise of the people 's utopia, which in turn made a country constructed with a fragment from the ideas of many. Being American means that you are part of the bigger picture, a picture to which millions helped paint, being American means freedom, means choice. America is where dreams come true; Over a million long-term immigrants join the U.S. each year. “Unlike other nations, we are not a people formed by a common heritage, a common blood, a common religion. We’re united by an uncommon set of ideas” -Rick Stengel. As stated in that excerpt, America is a melting pot, we, Americans come from all around the world. This is what makes America so unique, although we are …show more content…

Last but not least being American means freedom, Americans are born with rights; Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and so much more. Lately this has been causing controversy, especially among the sports industry, focused mainly on the NFL. There has been many recent cases of players “taking a knee” during our country 's national anthem, now while others and myself do not fully agree with this, it is non-American to disrespect their right to freedom of speech. Many believe that there are other ways to approach this situation, and that the current route taken by the players is disrespectful to the country and families who have protected our country. American is about freedom and the amendments protect that. Whether we agree with the players standpoints or not, we have to respect their freedom of speech, that is what being American consists of,

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