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Music is the greatest creation of human, it has the possibility to break all boundaries and all differences between people, music has such as strong power to unit all races and religions. In fact, music can best be described as a wonderful force that is capable of bonding people together, love as well as peace, it touches the soul and sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity. By the way, there are lots to say about music that we can make just one of the most important factors in the life of human being. Music is art, is love, is peace, is everything you can think about no matter what, it is just all we need to be happy.

Speaking about music, it can draw millions of people from different part of the world and uplift them emotionally; music can easily be used as an instrument to calm chaos between people of different origin and background. For example, when you get mad at someone, that he or she starts playing music you love to hear. Even though people have different musical tastes at different ages they are all bounded by the same thing that is music, they all share an expression of unity or togetherness as one. Even if a person is a music enthusiast or not, the best way to express anger, love, passion, joy or any other kind
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To continue, music can be related to medicine, it has an effect on people in the heart and entire blood, for example when a person feels sick and he or she listens to any kind of music, it makes them feel a lot of happiness, it makes them feel hope of living and it helps them to follow their treatment easily, the reason why is that music has an effect on the brain as I already said it, it can makes us feel happy or sad, depending on the type of music they listen and the mood they are, so if a person gets ill the brain starts to think and imagine what music can do, they feel a sensation and an impulsion to dance and to sing, if a person is sad and listens to a song he or she likes and starts to sing or to dance at that moment

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