Essay About My Foolishness

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“The Fool who knows his foolishness is wise at any rate so far. But the Fool who thinks himself wise, he is fool indeed.” Buddha said. Indeed, I was once a Fool who wanted to be wise, still I was struggling to see how my Foolishness was great. It sounds great to Focus in your daily activities, and to be able to do as everyone would like to see you. It is really nice when people shows ecstasy when they defined my Freedom and Fear according to their own meaning of being Free and being Fearless. It sounds nice to see yourself bounded with innumerable Friends. It is really impressive to be popular at a point of Felling appreciated. But still one question one question: Does all of that matter if in all your life, you have been deprived of an Inner…show more content…
Jake. In fact, he was criticizing, according to me, a sentences I had written. This scene actually pissed me off, because first, I put a lot of effort in the work I had done and secondly, he was doing so in front of my peers. The beating of my heart seem to be slower and slower. The self-regulation I have contain seems to disappears little by little in my body, all I wanted was to leave the class and never come back again. This experience happens with My Foolishness, My Feeling, My Failure, My Friends, My Family, in F5 class. It is the den, where I leant where to cultivate what it mean to be accept what you do, how you think and how the beauty of your thinking can affect you writing. This has been the experience that hurt me the most academically and still, it made me realize that we are never good enough, but we still need to excel in what we are doing. Since this realization, I was always looking ahead to have this class. Even though those challenges I faced there stand as hurtful, they were necessary. I leant how to set challenge, I leant how to meet my expectation and how to be happy about them, I basically learn how to be confident and proud of
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