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Assessment is another way of activities in which teachers; lectures find and collect information about the learning process of each particular student in a classroom. It has been practice for years, and it still ongoing today in every educational department around the world. Therefore, it is well known today by the administrator as the test or national examination. In other words it is the way teachers test their student to get the outcomes of what the students have been learning so far. This means that when a student to well in the test or the assessment given, this will show to the teacher that the student have shown how much they have learn and understand the lesion been taught throughout the weeks. Linn & Gronlund (2000), assessment as getting information using a procedure; these means that
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Planning is very useful to us teachers. When we prepare to plan our lesion our planning will be very meaningful and we will achieve the learning out comes from our students. Again, planning help us teacher to understand what we are teaching about and helps the student to learn even better. So everything we to daily in life must go through the process of planning. Therefore, before the teacher gives an assessment to the students he or she must cover a lesion and prepare to plan what question he is going to give to the students. Also must give the exam tips to students and sometimes for students to plan out how there are going to study for their examination. A very good example of assessment planning is the blueprint; teacher must able to make a blueprint before writing a test following the procedure and how will meet the learning out for each individual student. So proper planning helps teacher to collect their data information very easier and know how many assessments is going to give to the student in a

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