Essay On Bullying In America

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Humans all over the world are experiencing bullying and harassment. In today's world we live in a society where we look the other direction because it's not our problem. In Kenya there is no specific law opposing bullying even though they have the highest rates of bullying in Africa. As well as Mexico's laws, also very limited, even though 60% of students say they have been bullied. Brazil has no federal laws opposed to bullying, they just leave it up to the state or individuals school to decide on the consequences. Bullying is a worldwide epidemic in everyday lives. Just in the Unites States alone 20.8% of teens are experiencing being bullied or harassed, that's more than one student out of five. Approximately 160,000 teens ditch school on a daily basis because of bullying. Within the first year of a child entering school 20% of students claim to be bullied. By the time they reach kindergarten 30% have been bullied. During the first few years of school children are …show more content…

For instance if an individual post on some type of website or social media pages any personal information such as addresses, health IDs, social insurance numbers, social security numbers, pin numbers, debit and credit card numbers are just some examples of person information. Outing is when the bully uploads the information without the person's consent. Putting is actually illegal by law. This law was created to help protect personal privacy. By an individual putting out this information out there to the world they are putting the victim's life at risk. For example the bully puts up an address of someone they don't like on their social media page. Later on the victim's house was broken into and vandalized. The person who posted the address could be held responsible in the court of law. If they hadn't posted the address the victim's house maynot have been broken into. Which makes them responsible as

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