Stress And Psychological Adjustment Essay

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Effects of Stress on Psychological Adjustment of Students
The importance of feelings and emotions and their impact on people 's lives is a new trend that has recently been in the forefront of people 's lives as they try to deal with their environments (Salovey, 2001). Difficulties in handling or dealing with the environmental stressors/challenges associated with the transition that may lead to decreased academic performance, psychological adjustment and increased psychological distress (Friedlander et al., 2007)
Stress has great impacts on human life, it not only affects individual’s physical and psychological conditions but also effect each and every aspect of his life. In the other words, “Stress has been reported to affect psychological and physical health of students” (Dwyer & Cummings, 2001).
Stress also has a great impact on psychological adjustment of students. Researches have shown that there is a significant negative relationship between stress and psychological adjustment of students. Stress not only effect student’s academic performance but also leads to many adjustment disorders. Other effects of stress may include: decreased compliance, increase delay in seeking care, depressed mood which can leads to
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Acute stress is your body 's immediate reaction to a new challenge, event, or demand -- the fight or flight response. As the pressures of a near-miss automobile accident, an argument with a family member or a costly mistake at work sink in, your body turns on this biological response. Acute stress isn 't always caused by negative stress; it 's also the experience you have when riding a roller coaster or having a person jump out at you in a haunted house. Isolated episodes of acute stress should not have any lingering health effects. In fact, they might actually be healthy for you -- as these stressful situations give your body and brain practice in developing the best response to future stressful
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